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Business Owners & Contractors General Liability Insurance

Did you start your own business? Maybe taking over the family business? This is a big moment that can establish a lifelong legacy! However, if you don’t have the right Business insurance in place, it can all disappear with one miss-step.
For businesses, we take extra steps to make sure that you aren’t caught wrong-footed after an unforeseen event that can send your business tumbling down Bankruptcy Blvd. Whether you are a small start-up tech company, a big-time clothing brand, a commercial contractor, a restaurant owner, or any type of business owner, we will make sure to find coverage tailored to your business’ needs.

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Commercial Auto

Uber & Lyft drivers, Contractors, Truckers, and Business Owners, please read…

Most people think personal insurance covers you and your auto regardless of how you use your vehicle. Unfortunately, this is not true, and it is definitely not a lesson anyone wants to learn firsthand. If you drive a vehicle that you use for work purposes, whether you have you own company or work for a business, most personal insurance policies offer no coverage for using your vehicle for work, which is why offer commercial auto insurance policies! Commercial auto policies are especially tailored to cover businesses, their vehicles, and drivers in the event of an accident. Liability and Physical Damage coverage is offered for these types of policies to make sure that an accident doesn’t derail your normal business activities. Commercial auto insurance policies help keep your business out of harm’s way!

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Workers’ Compensation

If you have any employees or sub-contract any of your business, Worker’s Compensation is a must! In the event that someone hired by your business gets hurt while performing business duties for you company, Worker’s Compensation insurance will step in to carry the burden of income/lost wages while an employee recovers from their injuries. Worker’s Compensation insurance can help avoid potential litigation between employer & employee, increase employee morale, and help get potential bids that may require you have it. And not to mention, most states require you have it!
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